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Walter Kaufmann

My name is Walter Kaufmann, I have been working for the company for more than 25 years.

After graduating from TFO (the local tech high school Max Valier) in mechanical engineering, I started working at Autotest (formerly WESTAN) as a toolmaker.

When the company moved into the plastics processing division in 1995, I transferred to this department and worked for 4 years as a set-up man and shift supervisor for the newly established injection molding division.

In 2000, after a 1-year sabbatical in another plastics processing company in Austria, I started to work in project and quality management as well as in metrology at Autotest.

Through continuous education and training in the field of plastics technology, quality management and process engineering, I finally switched to the area of quality / quality management completely.

There I have been responsible for the development and maintenance of the quality management system and certifications of the entire Autotest Group for 8 years. At that time, this also included the sites at Lana, Franzensfeste, Eisenach and in Slovakia.

After these very instructive years in the field of quality and further training, I finally switched to sales and am now responsible for customers such as LAMBORGHINI, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT and many other business partners.

My school education, in combination with further training, the experience in production, the knowledge buil while working in project and quality management, today help me to answer to the wishes of our customers by picking the right solutions from all the possibilities our company offers to the customer – and thus, this contributes to secure the future of our company with further orders.

Success is very important to Autotest Südtirol GmbH. After all, everyone’s future in the company depends on it.

For this reason, Autotest Südtirol always considers its employees to be its greatest asset, and provides them with the best possible training and further education, as well as targeted support in accordance with their abilities.

Community activities, collegiality and fairness are a key part of the company culture at Autotest and contribute to enhance the feeling of togetherness, the working atmosphere and thus the result.

It’s great to be a part of this community, apply and be a part of it too.

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other employees say

What I like about Autotest is that the strengths of the employees are taken into account and developed in this sense! The special “young” environment created by us is very nice, we also meet outside working hours….

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Ilenja Mutta
Project Manager

I like the youthful and humble environment of Autotest…if you feel you are on the same level as Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, you are operating with a positive mind. I would recommend working for us to people who want to live in a dynamic environment where you can express your ideas and, above all, be heard.

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Pietro Cassinelli