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Pietro Cassinelli

My name is Pietro and I am 43 years old. I graduated from my studies to become a surveyor many years ago and joined Autotest in January 2019. After a trial period, I was hired for a permanent position right before the day before the first lockdown started. What other company would have done that? work in maintenance and mainly take care of tool maintenance. Although I don’t exactly have the technical skills to fill this position, I still was chosen for the position because of my ambition for learning and my dedication for work. I like manual work, the kind of work where you need to listen and are challenged to think about what exactly you’re doing. While working alongside capable and experienced people who are willing to pass on their skills to me, I have learned a lot and it makes me proud to be able to work with them and do my best every day. I also like the youthful and humble environment of Autotest. When you feel like you are on the same level as everyone else, you work with a much more positive attitude. I would recommend it to people who don’t give up easily and want to live in a dynamic environment where they can express their ideas and where their ideas are being heard. You can build a future here!

P. S.: The company leadership is insanely cool! 😂

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other employees say

What I like about Autotest is that the strengths of the employees are taken into account and developed in this sense! The special “young” environment created by us is very nice, we also meet outside working hours….

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Community activities, collegiality and fairness are written in BIG letters at Autotest and promote the feeling of togetherness, the working atmosphere and thus the result.

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