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Nothing simply happens. It always takes a great deal of innovative spirit and the courage to search for new technologies that fit our own processes. Only by that we can reach our goal. The constant improvement of the quality of our products.

Fertigung von Metallprodukte


The robot places the component in a fixture and applies an anti-scratch foil to the surface. Both the position and the contact pressure of the film must be angled precisely to prevent damage to the component during later use. After application, the component is removed from the robot and put down on the conveyor belt for the next working step.

Automation Gluing process

The robot removes the component from the holding fixture and applies a 2-component liquid adhesive at the gluing station. The adhesive must be applied at a precisely defined speed and on a precisely defined curved path. Only by using a robot unit such a bonding process be guaranteed to be process-reliable.

After application of the glue bead, the component is automatically placed at a gluing station and stuck to the upper component that is already in it. After the precisely defined hardening time, during which the adhesive polymerizes and gives the component the specified density, it is removed from the robot and prepared for the next process step, the 100 % leak test.

Fertigung von Metallprodukte
Fertigung von Metallprodukte

Automation Bending and montage

The grappler removes the metal tube from the magazine and positions it on the bending machine (Wafios). The tube is now bent according to the programmed geometry without damaging the material. After the bending process, the component is transported via a conveyor belt to the mounting station, where it is put together and tested with a thermostatic valve over several process steps.