Autotest and its values

Everything that is important to us.

There is a world where people feel at home.
A world where people learn within a few months what can take years in other companies.
A world where people find solutions at the coffee machine.
A world where people simply call each other by their first names and always greet each other with a smile when they meet.
A world where successes and those yet to come are celebrated over a beer on a Friday night.
A world in which the office door of the managing director is always open to everyone.
A world in a tumultuous industry where people help each other and grow together.

Welcome to this world.
Welcome to Autotest.

Proud about our values.

What counts and is important to us can be described in several company values. Plain and simple, but always in a way that we can be steered by them with a clear conscience.

We are flexible.

If the market changes, we adapt. And at the same time, we always orient ourselves to the needs of our customers. Just as fast as we react to new circumstances, we also find the right solutions.

We are a team.

Teamwork is more than just people working together. Everyone who is part of the Autotest family makes a valuable contribution to the big whole. Company know-how is passed on to new employees, who grow and ultimately become actively involved with their own new ideas as a result.

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We live evolution.

A company also always grows together with its team’s further development. Especially when everyone is committed to the search for innovative products and technologies and sustainable solutions.

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We are full of energy & motivation.

Positive energy always ensures a motivating atmosphere within a company. And it can always be seen in the way employees work, making them even more precise, more structured and more efficient in tackling any challenges they face.

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We celebrate ourselves.

The festivals need to be celebrated, no matter when they happen! After all, they are always opportunities to get together and strengthen the sense of community.