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People at Autotest

Together, better.

A company is only as good as the people who work there. Our goal is to create a pleasant working environment for our employees.

Everyone new in the team gets a comprehensive introduction into the most important areas of the company. Through targeted training and further education, everyone can strengthen and develop his or her professional and social skills. We want to become one of the best employers in South Tyrol with motivated and long-term experienced people in our team.

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Talents with a shared vision

Everyone working at Autotest is a class of his or her own. And everyone does exactly what he or she does best. Strategists, forward thinkers, creatives, innovators and developers stand side by side and together they create great things.

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Managing Director
Portrait von Angelo
Head of Business Development
Portraitfoto von Martin
Head of Supply Chain & Procurement
Portraitfoto von Michael
CFO Head of Finance & Controlling eintragen
Portraitfoto von Katia
Head of HR
Portraitfoto von Bruno
Head of Industrial Engineering
Portraitfoto von Alberto
Head of Qualitymanagement
Norbert Kassaroller
Head of Production
Leadership Guideline

Principles that guide us


Managing directors, employees and colleagues know: We do not postpone priorities, but first define and then address them.


We communicate and process information, analyses and measures precisely and in detail.


Where help and exchange is needed, we support each other even across departments.


Trust is good, but so is control: That's why we demand loyalty from our employees and monitor results and activities.


We always recognize where the biggest potential lies within a department and motivate employees in developing this further.


Besides work, we allow our employees to take enough time for training and further development.

Code of Ethics

The human at the center

At Autotest, we have always followed the principles of ethics and our internal values as well. Apart from our social responsibility, we are also aware of those towards the stakeholders and the community.

Employee testimonials

We are Autotest

“Autotest is full of dynamics. You feel every day that you can be proud of what you’re helping to create, and that you’re helping to move the automotive world forward in that way.”

Maria Malik Zafar
Portrait photo of Maria

“People at Autotest work on new products with enthusiasm and motivation. They are also what drive me. And as an individual, I can always contribute as well.”

Pietro Cassinelli
Portrait photo of Pietro