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Maria Malik Zafar

My name is Maria. I am 20 years old and have been working at Autotest since July 2020. I joined the company as an intern. Due to my studies, I was placed in the accounting department, but I realized almost immediately that this was not my path. I then approached the HR manager, with whom I analyzed my strengths. I then started in logistics (incoming and outgoing goods), where I feel comfortable, especially because I have contact with the public, which I didn’t have in accounting. At Autotest, I really appreciate my colleagues for welcoming me and making me feel part of the team right away. Autotest supports employees from both a personal and professional perspective. I don’t think anyone at any other company would have taken the time to figure out which department would be ideal for me.

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other employees say

What I like about Autotest is that the strengths of the employees are taken into account and developed in this sense! The special “young” environment created by us is very nice, we also meet outside working hours….

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Ilenja Mutta
Project Manager

Community activities, collegiality and fairness are written in BIG letters at Autotest and promote the feeling of togetherness, the working atmosphere and thus the result.

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