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Ilenja Mutta

My name is Ilenja, I’m 31 years old and I started working at Autotest in 2017 right after my studies: I first started as a sales representative in the back office, but I always had the goal in mind of becoming part of the Project Manager team someday. At the end of 2018, I completed my Master’s degree (I did the training in my spare time) to be able to specialize for the Project Manager position. The company offered to cover my expenses. What I like about Autotest is that the strengths of the employees are taken into account and that the company cares about contributing to developing them further. I like the “young” environment and that we also meet and spend time together after work.

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other employees say

Community activities, collegiality and fairness are written in BIG letters at Autotest and promote the feeling of togetherness, the working atmosphere and thus the result.

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I like the youthful and humble environment of Autotest…if you feel you are on the same level as Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, you are operating with a positive mind. I would recommend working for us to people who want to live in a dynamic environment where you can express your ideas and, above all, be heard.

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Pietro Cassinelli